Tuesday, February 06, 2007

U.S. soldier on patrol sees the "writing on the wall"

In a washingtonpost.com article titled "U.S. unit walks 'a fine line' in Iraqi Capital", a U.S. soldier states the obvious:

After [a] patrol on Thursday, Sgt. Michael Hiler, 26, stepped down from his Humvee and described the day's effort as "stupid."

"We should have pulled out a long time ago," Hiler said. "It's going to take the hand of God to change anything about what we do here, which is nothing. This country's going to fall apart sooner or later, and at this point I say, 'Good riddance.' "

Just as Jeremiah foresaw. Up next: the burning of the cities. Then the abandonment. Then the defeat by the Kurds. Then the flood. Then the drought. Then the total desolation -- a haunt of jackals.



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