Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iraqi Freedom fulfilling Jeremiah's prophecy of doom on Babylon?

Here was a post I made Oct 27, 2009 at the History Channel community forum:

History Channel's "Decoding the Past: Prophecies of Iraq" [link to youtube segments added 9-3-2010] from Nov 13, 2006 asserted that "Ancient Babylon is now known as modern-day Iraq, and eerily similar parallels exist between the prophecies of Babylon [e.g., Jeremiah 50-51] and the events of the late 20th and early 21st centuries--including both Gulf Wars and the downfall of Saddam Hussein." It then asked the question: "Is it possible that Biblical prophecies are playing out in modern times?"

Three years later, the answer is yes, so far. We have had invasion, capture, and execution of "the arrogant one", the first three judgments out of nine, just as Jeremiah foresaw.

Next up in his vision, the cities of Iraq will burn, and then the coalition will abandon her out of frustration at the failure of reconstruction, at least as prophesied by the prophet.

Then a civil war with the Kurds, and defeat at their hands, followed by a plundering of Iraq's "treasures."

Finally, a catastrophic flood event and consuming drought, leaving Iraq a desolate wilderness, devoid of inhabitants.

It's time for the History Channel to re-visit the "Prophecies of Iraq." Just in time to watch history unfold with Babylon burning. Could it be on January 16th, 2010?



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