Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Deadly blasts rip through Baghdad

As reported by Sinan Salaheddin and Lara Jakes, Associated Press, at least five bombs ripped through apartment buildings across Baghdad Tuesday and another struck a market, killing at least 49 people and wounding more than 160, authorities said. CNN reported seven separate explosions, following three on Sunday which killed at least 30 and targeted foreign embassies.

Iraqi officials blamed al-Qaida in Iraq insurgents for the violence -- the latest sign the country's fragile security is dissolving in the chaos of the unresolved election. Attacks have claimed more than 100 lives since the March 7 elections.

Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, an Iraqi military spokesman, said Iraq is in a "state of war" with terrorists, but U.S. Embassy spokesman Philip Frayne dismissed the bombings: "We're obviously concerned but we don't see... a sectarian war breaking out again." Army Lt. Col. Eric Bloom, a U.S. military spokesman, described the attacks as "random acts of violence."

Jeremiah the Hebrew prophet decreed that the cities of Babylon would be set on fire, and because of the fire the occupiers would abandon her to her judgment. When will the cities of Iraq burn?



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