Monday, September 13, 2010

Jim Morin of Miami Herald 07-1-09

Here is an editorial cartoon from Jim Morin of the Miami Herald first published back in July 2009 that really captures the predicament of the Iraqi security forces now that the U.S. has withdrawn its combat troops and prepares to remove all remaining forces by the end of 2011 --

While the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq may seem like a good thing on its face, Jeremiah the hebrew prophet considered the withdrawal of the occupiers of Babylon to be a judgment in itself, an abandoning of a country that has been "broken" and in need of "healing" but which shall then face even greater calamity following the pullout -- "Babylon has... been broken... Perhaps she may be healed. 'We applied healing to Babylon, but she was not healed; forsake her and let us each go to his own country, for her judgment has reached to heaven and towers up to the very skies,'" (Jer 51:8-9).



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