Monday, September 17, 2012

Al-Qaeda promises "black days ahead"

The reported today, September 17, 2012 a suicide bomber "crashed a car packed with explosives into one of the gates of Baghdad's heavily guarded green zone today, killing seven people."

The blast, according to the report, "set several cars on fire." Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attacks, and, according to the report, promised "black days ahead."

The "Green Zone" is where most government offices, the parliament and several embassies and foreign missions in the Iraqi capital are located.  The U.S. mission employs 15,000 Americans there.

More than a week ago, in a string of attacks across the country, insurgents killed 92 people in one of Iraq's deadliest days this year.


Jeremiah the prophet, in a decree of judgment on the land of Babylon, foresaw destruction leading to abandonment by the reconstructionists: "Her high gates will be set on fire; so the peoples will toil for nothing; and the nations become exhausted (because of the) fire," (Jer 51:58); "I shall set fire to his cities, and it will devour all his environs," (Jer 50:32); "Suddenly Babylon has fallen and been broken, wail over her! Bring balm for her pain, perhaps she may be healed. 'We applied healing to Babylon, but she was not healed; forsake her and let us each go to his own country, for her judgment has reached to heaven...'" (Jer 51:8-9).

Is this bombing today the beginning of the conflagration that induces the "nations" to "forsake" their attempts at "healing" Babylon, and abandon her to her coming destruction?



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