Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bombs targeting playground, cafe, school kill 22 in Iraq

from worldnews.nbcnews.com
by Reuters August 13, 2013

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- A series of bomb attacks killed at least 22 people across Iraq on Monday, part of the country's worst wave of violence in around five years.

At least 16 people died and 41 others were injured when a suicide bomber targeted a crowded cafe in Balad, 50 miles north of Baghdad.

Two roadside bombs - one planted near a playground and another near a school - also killed six people and wounded dozens, some of them children, in the town of Muqdadiya, 50 miles northeast of the capital.

Those blasts underlined a shift in tactics by suspected Islamist militants, who are increasingly targeting not only military checkpoints and marketplaces, but also cafes and recreational areas used by families and children.


Will the militants shift tactics again, and begin to burn the cities? Should fires break out across the cities of Iraq, Jeremiah's fourth judgment against Babylon, the "land of the Chaldeans", will have been fulfilled. 

Judgments 1,2 and 3 -- invasion by a great nation and many kings, capture, and the punishment of the "Arrogant One" -- have already occurred in their order. Will the 6 remaining judgments occur in their order? Burning of the cities, abandonment by the foreign reconstructionists, civil war with and defeat by the Kurds, plundering of "treasures" by the victors, a catastrophic flood event and eventual drought, leading to complete desolation are predicted by Jeremiah. 



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