Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wave of Blasts kills at least 46

ABC News
BAGHDAD October 17, 2013
By Adam Schreck Associated Press

Iraqi officials say a wave of car bomb and suicide bomb blasts has rocked Baghdad and a northern town, raising the day's death toll to at least 46 killed ... as Iraqis are celebrating this week's Eid al-Adha holiday...


Jeremiah's prophecy of doom on the land of Babylon includes setting fire to the cities.  Are these on-going bomb blasts the fulfillment of that, or will we see literal fireballs of flames engulfing the buildings of the cities of Iraq in a literal fulfillment of that prophecy?

The judgments so far have been explicit and most literal: 1) invasion by a great king and many nations from the farthest borders, 2) defeat of the armies and capture of the bridges, cities and "arrogant" king, 3) punishment of that Arrogant One, who "falls" with no one to help him.

If the cities burn, the fourth judgment will have also transpired in its sequence. To follow: 5) abandonment by the occupying reconstructionist forces, 6) civil war with and defeat at the hands of the "Medes" -- the Kurds of the north, 7) the plunder of the "treasures" -- not gold or silver -- by the victors, 8) a major catastrophic flood event of the Euphrates/Tigris river system and 9) eventual drought leading to an uninhabitable desolation.

Up next: Babylon Burning?



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