Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Babylon is Burning

"(After) the arrogant one will stumble and fall... I shall set fire to his cities, and it will devour all his environs... Her high gates will be set on fire, so the peoples will toil for nothing, and the nations become exhausted because of the fire" (Jeremiah 50:32, 51:58).

This is up next for the land of Babylon, present-day Iraq.

So as we wait for the fires to begin, let's enjoy the anthem of the flames as recorded by the 70's UK punk rock band The Ruts, "Babylon is Burning" --



Blogger louie said...

Seven Thunders uttered their voices
When they shall say peace and safety then cometh sudden destruction and yes Jer 50-51 is true and the seven thunders are seven nukes going off so earth-shaking that John the Apostle need not write those things,it is loud and clear and will change the face of the world and usser in the last seven years of Daniels prophecy Ch.9 and also the Two Olive Trees,and the three and one half year drought on the whole plannit---so much for going green with envy and yes we as Christians will be here till the Anti-Christ sits in the Temple in Israel....Lord Jesus come quickly--look up for your redemtion draws near. Amen

4:36 AM  

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