Friday, January 15, 2010

Will Iraqi cities burn tomorrow?

January 16th, 2010 is 1,113 days from Saddam Hussein's execution. That event took place 1,113 days from his capture. Is there a pattern being set? If so, the remaining judgments can be predicted to the day. If not, well, we wait.

Invasion, capture, punishment, burning, abandonment, civil war, plundering, flood and drought. The nine catastrophes that lead to complete desolation, a land devoid of inhabitants, as read in Jeremiah's prophecy of doom on Babylon in chapters 50 through 51. Never in history has Chaldea suffered anything remotely nearing such devastation. On the contrary, she remains a bustling, albeit less crowded, crossroads.

But the first three judgments have indeed occurred here in our time, beginning March 19, 2003 with the invasion by the U.S.-led multi-national forces, their capture and occupation of Iraq and capture of its dictator, Saddam Hussein, and his punishment by hanging.

So we wait for the burning of the cities, as Jeremiah decreed from the Lord: "I shall set fire to his cities, and it will devour all his environs" (Jer 50:32). Will that occur just a few short hours from now, as the sun rises over the Tigris?

What could trigger such a conflagration? Could it be the frustration at the coming election, and the banning of Sunni candidates accused of being Baathists, as reported today by Anthony Shadid in the New York Times online? --

"A knot of young men stood Friday outside the Umm Al Qura Mosque, once a nest of insurgent fervor where a year of relative tranquillity has softened the jagged edges of nearby bullet holes. They were angry, frustrated and quick to punctuate their denunciations of a decision to bar scores of Sunni candidates from Iraqi elections in March with a single word: sharaiyya, Arabic for legitimacy. "

His report continues:

"The decision to disqualify nearly 500 candidates, many of them Sunni Muslim, plunged Iraqi politics into turmoil on Friday. Leading candidates vowed a boycott of the vote, perhaps the most important since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Protests were threatened, and anger rippled through Iraq’s Sunni communities."

Will these protests provide the match that lights the fuse? Or have I climbed out onto a prophetic limb, as countless fools have done, and sawn through it from the wrong side?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would take research for accuracy. perhaps the number refers to judgments against arrogant men. I believe that Saddam's cousin, "Chemical Ali" was given his fourth and last death sentence on the 16th of December. As of January 25th he has been executed.However, also some high walls were blasted down in Bagdad on January 24th and the videos showed hotels burning. Ii is heating up in Chaldea.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously the cities of Iraq did not burn on January 16th, 2010. There apparently is no pattern to the number of days between the judgments. So we just wait for the burning.

There are plenty of fuses -- lock downs, coup rumors, political candidate bannings, suicide bombings, including attacks on Shiite pilgrims... Which one sets off the conflagration we will just have to wait and see.

2:27 PM  

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