Thursday, January 27, 2011

Car bomb kills at least 48 in Baghdad as wave of Iraq violence continues

By Ned Parker and Salar Jaff, Los Angeles Times
January 27, 2011 10:49am

The fifth major attack in the last 10 days takes place at a funeral tent in a Shiite neighborhood and leaves at least 121 wounded. Nearly 200 have died in the series of bombings targeting both Shiites and Sunnis since a new government was announced.

See photo here...

If the cities begin to burn tonight, January 28th, 2011, it will have been 1490 days since the execution of Saddam Hussein.

The message in the number of the days is this -- (1) God, (4) flesh, (9) judgment, (0) desolation.

"God (will all) flesh judge (to) desolation."

Just as the prophecy of Jeremiah decrees:

"Because of the indignation of the LORD (Chaldea) will not be inhabited, but she will be completely desolate... For this is the vengeance of the LORD... Pile her up like (ruins) and utterly destroy her; let nothing be left in her... I shall punish you... And I shall set fire to (your) cities and it will devour all (your) environs... No man will live there, nor will any son of man reside in it... For her judgment has reached to heaven and towers up to the very skies... For it is the vengeance of the LORD... All mankind is stupid, devoid of knowledge... In the time of their punishment they will perish... You will be desolate forever... For the purposes of the LORD against Babylon stand: to make the land of Babylon a desolation without inhabitants... Their dwelling places (shall be) set on fire..." Jer 50:13,15,26,32,40; 51:9,11, 17-18,26,29-30.



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