Friday, February 18, 2011

Will Iraqi street protests turn into the predicted conflagration?

An AP article today from Basra, Iraq reports that, "in the wake of the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, frustrated Iraqis have staged repeated protests across the country. This week, at least five people were killed when demonstrations in two Iraqi cities turned violent."
The Iraqis are demanding better public services, jobs and pensions in the face of poor living standards.
Jeremiah's prophecy of judgment on the land of the Chaldeans, today manifested as the nation of Iraq, begins with an invasion and capture by a great king along with many nations and the punishment of "the arrogant one" who shall "stumble and fall with no one to lift him up."
Next comes the burning of the cities, and the resultant abandonment of the reconstruction efforts of the occupiers because of the fires.
Will these street protests sweeping through the Middle East ignite the fires in Iraq, and fulfill the ancient prophecy of doom on Babylon?



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