Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FORBES: Kurdistan set to become an independent world oil power

6/16/2014  Christopher Helman Forbes Staff

After describing how he was "wrong" last week in stating that the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) might end up being the "unlikely losers" in the chaos of the current conflict between ISIS militants and the Iraqi security forces, Forbes commentator Christopher Helman reversed himself Monday with a new article:

"The Kurd forces appear to be comfortably holding their territory... The consensus now, especially among Kurdish people, is that... 'Iraq' will soon cease to exist altogether... Baghdad’s control over Kirkuk may well be history now that Kurd forces are at long last in control of Kirkuk and have no intention of leaving. "

"With Kurdish independence appearing to grow closer every day", writes Helman, the ability of the KRG to sell their own oil will "initiate a flood of cash to the Kurdish Regional Government, which is now moving inexorably closer to becoming an independent state, and a major world oil power."


Jeremiah describes how the Medes, now known as the Kurds, will one day overwhelm the land of Babylon and help destroy her: "For a nation has come up against (Babylon) out of the north; it will make her land an object of horror... They will draw up their battle lines against her; from there she will be taken captive... Chaldea will become plunder; all who plunder her will have enough... The LORD has aroused the spirit of the kings of the Medes, because his purpose is against Babylon to destroy it... Summon against her the kingdoms of Ararat (Syrian-Turkish Kurds), Minni (Mannaeans/Urartu - Iranian Kurds) and Ashkenaz (Adiabenes - Iraqi Kurds)... Consecrate (these) nations against her, the kings of the Medes... and every land of their dominion. So the land quakes and writhes, for the purposes of the LORD against Babylon stand, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without inhabitants," (Jer 50-51).



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