Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kurds: Iraq no longer our neighbor

from news.vice.com June 17, 2014

In an interview with VICE News, Falah Mustafa, the head of foreign relations for the Kurdistan Regional Government, expressed skepticism that Iraq would ever be whole again. "Iraq is not our neighbor," he said. "ISIS is now our neighbor."

Kurdish forces seized the oil-rich city of Kirkuk days ago after government troops abandoned their positions. Mustafa said that it was unlikely that the KRG would again surrender the city, as it had in 2003.

He also dismissed rumors that the KRG was negotiating with the Iraqi government to deploy peshmerga forces further into disputed territories in exchange for increased oil revenue. "We cannot be blackmailed," he said, adding that the KRG's actions had abided by the constitution.

Mustafa added that there was no longer any trust in the Maliki government, and called its refusal to provide the KRG with budgetary funds for the past six months an act of "economic warfare."


The Jeremiah prophecy identifies a nation to the north of the land of Babylon, made of of three factions of the "Medes", the modern-day Kurds, who are drawn in to a battle with the Chaldeans, defeat and then plunder them. While once unthinkable that the Kurds could be powerful enough to defeat the U.S.-trained and equipped Iraqi army, today's news reports announce the growing power and consolidation of the Kurds and the shrinking power, division and strife of the Chaldeans, as they battle each other for political control of the land of Babylon.

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