Thursday, August 07, 2008

Withdrawal deal could prove occupation is NOT fulfillment of prophecy!

The Associated Press today announced Iraq and the U.S. are near an agreement on all American combat troops leaving Iraq by October 2010, with the last soldiers out three years after that.

If this timetable is carried out so that all coalition troops leave, and no firestorms had broken out across the cities of Iraq beforehand, then this development will prove that the current occupation is NOT the fulfillment of the prophecy of doom on Babylon as described in Jeremiah 50-51.

Here are the pertinent passages of the prophecy: "(After) the arrogant one [Saddam Hussein] will stumble and fall [executed by hanging]... I [the LORD] shall set fire to his cities, and it will devour all his environs... Her high gates will be set on fire, so the peoples [reconstruction forces] will toil for nothing, and the nations [of the occupying coalition] become exhausted (because of the) fire... (saying,) we applied healing to Babylon [reconstruction efforts], but she was not healed; forsake her and let us each go to his own country" (Jeremiah 50:32; 51:58; 50:9).

If the coalition forces leave merely because of some withdrawal timetable deal with the Iraqi government, and not because of an announced abandonment out of frustration that reconstruction has failed following a major burning of the cities, the prophecy will have failed to play out literally, and sequentially. Jeremiah's prophecy will not be about today's events in present-day Iraq.

U.S. officials, however, insisted no dates had been agreed to.

In other words, the announcement by the AP could be premature. I still await the burning of Babylon. And then the abandonment. And then the battle between the Kurds and Iraqis. And then the flood. And then the drought.

And then the complete desolation in our time. We shall see.



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