Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Could Iraq's banning of top Sunni officials reignite violence?"

"Could Iraq's banning of top Sunni officials reignite violence?" That was the headline yesterday on The Atlantic Wire news website covering a story by Max Fisher about the barring of 500 candidates from participating in the upcoming Iraq national elections in March.

Interesting choice there -- reignite. The next judgment on Babylon decreed in Jeremiah's prophecy is the burning of the cities. As the news article states, "the move has Iraq analysts extremely worried." Some of those comments from experts include --

"...a sinister anti-Sunni campaign..." Ranj Alaaldin

"...complete system failure in the new democracy..." Reidar Vissar

"...stupid... likely to incite anger and violence..." IraqPundit

"...surprise, surprise, most of those barred are Sunnis... a witch hunt..." Hoda Hamid

"...original De-Baathification program #3 blunder of the decade transformed the country into a bloody, chaotic mess..." referencing article by Rajiv Chandrasekaran

We will have to see if this move by the current Iraq politicians is the spark that ignites the fire in the cities and all their environs.



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