Thursday, January 03, 2013

Car bomb kills Shia pilgrims

BBC News Middle East
3 January 2013
A car bomb has killed at least 20 Shia Muslim pilgrims and injured others in the Iraqi town of Musayyib, south of the capital Baghdad, officials say.

The device exploded in a car park at 17:00 (14:00 GMT) as pilgrims returned from the holy city of Karbala.
An eyewitness spoke of having seen dozens of bodies and cars on fire after the explosion.
Shia pilgrims, who have been frequently targeted in Iraq, have been observing the festival of Arbaeen.
The bomb went off close to a bus stop where coaches that carry pilgrims from Karbala to other Iraqi cities drop and collect them, police told BBC News.
Bombs killed seven people in Musayyib on Monday.



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