Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is a new day dawning in Iraqi Kurdistan?

Voice of America writer Jeffrey Young reports from IRBIL July 14, 2014 on the amazing transformation of Iraqi Kurdistan since his last visits to the region in 1991, 2004 and 2005. Young writes of the capital city Irbil: "The difference between then and now is astonishing -- a transformation one could not believe a decade ago.  The rough-hewn city of ages past is being overtaken by the glint of glass and bright stainless reaching skyward. It's everywhere one looks."

Young concludes his brief travelogue with this observation: "Atop the city stands the Citadel, a fortress perhaps 4,000 years old. And atop that edifice flies a huge Kurdistan flag, its sun radiating both the warmth of the people here, and their aspirations for a day when the flag will rise above a state of its own."


If Young is correct, that one day soon the Kurds will declare their sovereignty over a nation of their own, the stage will be set for Jeremiah's prophecy to come true in our time: the re-birth of the nation of the "Medes", and their ascendancy over and defeat of the Chaldeans, the modern-day Iraqis.

But first the fires burning the cities of Babylon, and then the abandonment of the pitiful land of the Chaldeans by the occupying reconstructionists in admitted failure to "heal her."  Jeremiah, is Babylon burning yet?



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