Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maliki attempts to blockade Kurdistan international flights

In an intimidation move reminiscent of the communist blockade of Berlin in the early '60s, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has warned international airlines to cease their flights in and out of Iraqi Kurdistan, according to a July 10, 2014 article by Bestun Kakayi of BasNews, writing from Baghdad.

Writes Kakayi: "According to local Iraqi reports, the government in Baghdad has called on International Airlines like Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways to stop their flights to Kurdistan region as tensions between Baghdad and Erbil mounts due to the current Iraqi crisis."

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
In another July 10, 2014 article at BasNews, from Washington, Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an interview last Saturday with CSPAN, is cited as saying she thought the Kurds were rightly concerned about Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki's policies and failure to form an inclusive government.

"(Maliki) postpone(d) and fail(ed) to come up with the agreement about the allocation of oil revenues, something the Kurds were rightly concerned about," she is quoted as saying, and, according to the article, his failures contributed to the breakdown in dialogue and mistrust between the central Iraqi government and the Kurds of the autonomous Kurdistan region.


Amazingly, rather than focusing his attention on countering the insurgency in his own region, al-Maliki is lashing out at his fellow nationals to the north, the Kurds of Kurdistan region, ensuring the collapse of his tenuous hold on Iraq unity.

This helps to set up the scenario of armed conflict between the two regions, as described by Jeremiah the hebrew prophet. The "spirit of the kings of the Medes", the leadership of the Kurds, will rise to lead the nations of "Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz" -- the three regional factions of the Kurds, Syrian/Turk, Iraqi and Iranian -- into battle with the "land of the Chaldeans", modern-day Iraq.

Whether that battle is between Kurdistan and al-Maliki's government, or between Kurdistan and a re-constituted Iraq under ISIS, remains to be seen. Either way, the "Medes" invade, soundly defeat and plunder the treasures of the land of Babylon, if the fulfillment of Jeremiah's prophecy is coming true here in our time.

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