Friday, August 15, 2014

Britain prepared to arm Kurdish forces

An article by Steven Swinford, Ruth Sherlock and Carol Malouf at The Telegraph published August 14, 2014 announces that British Prime Minister David Cameron is "ready to supply arms (to the Kurds) in a significant escalation of Britain's involvement in the (Iraqi) conflict."


This brings to four the number of entities that have pledged military aid to the Kurds in their fight against Islamic State insurgents: Iraq's central government, the United States, France and now the United Kingdom.

With this infusion of military hardware, ammunition and support, the scenario of the empowerment of the "Medes" -- modern-day Kurds -- into a force capable of defeating the forces of the "land of the Chaldeans" -- modern-day Iraq -- becomes less "ridiculous", as one anonymous comment poster suggested it was back in November 2006, when I first lofted the notion that the Kurds would one day be strong enough to defeat the Iraqi army in battle.



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