Tuesday, July 22, 2014

European Parliament gives tacit nod to Kurdish independence

In an article found at Rudaw.net on Kurdish and Kurdistan news by Deniz Serinci, published 17/7/2014, dateline COPENHAGEN, Denmark, the author reports that the "European Parliament gave a tacit nod to Kurdish aspirations of independence on Thursday, when for the first time its motion over the Iraq conflict did not stipulate that the country must stay together."

In the past, resolutions by the EU MPs had always stressed that Iraq's "unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity" were essential for stability in the region.

Serinci's article asserts that the United States, France, Italy, Britain, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates "are among states that have assured (Kurdistan Regional Government) officials they would show understanding, should Kurdistan declare independence."

British MP Nadhim Zahawi, according to the article, believes that, since the fall of Mosul and about a third of Iraq to jihadi-led insurgents, Kurds "now occupy a new world, and 'there is no going back.'"


Jeremiah's prophecy foresees a time when the Medes, who are now known as the Kurds of Kurdistan, would rise again as "a great nation" north of the land of the Chaldeans -- modern-day Iraq -- and "draw up their battle lines" against the land of Babylon, and defeat her army and plunder her "treasures."

With Kurdish independence looking more and more like a real possibility, the stage may be set for this next great judgment to occur on the land of Babylon.



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