Friday, August 15, 2014

Canada and Germany to aid Kurds

A The Canadian Press article at by Murray Brewster published today, August 15, 2014, dateline OTTAWA, asserts that Canada will begin shuttling weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq to help defend against the "barbarous attacks" of radical jihadists with the Islamic State insurgency.

According to the article, at least "one defence analyst says Canada should be prepared to follow Britian's lead" by dispatching Chinook helicopters to help allied nations deliver relief supplies.

Brewster also asserts that "Germany is also preparing to send military aid."


There seems to be a swelling consensus to offer military aid to Kurdistan now, in their fight against the Islamic State.

If IS conquers Baghdad, Iraq will become the Islamic State, and Kurdistan will find it is the neighbor to the north of a radicalized, brutal, militant, terror nation.

In that case, the war between the Medes and the Chaldeans that Jeremiah prophesied will be a war between Kurdistan and the vicious Islamic State of Iraq.

The Medes win. And then plunder.

Will the military arming of the Kurds by the allied nations today help to bring this victory about?

First, though, we must see the burning of the cities of Babylon, then an announced abandonment of Babylon by the occupying reconstructionists. When those two events occur, we have really, truly conclusive proof that the Jeremiah prophecy of doom on Babylon is occurring here in our time, leading to the utter desolation of that land.



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