Monday, August 18, 2014

New US airstrikes in Iraq
WASHINGTON -- Aug 18, 2014
By ROBERT BURNS AP  National Security Writer
Associated Press
The Pentagon says a new round of 15 U.S. airstrikes near the Mosul dam in northern Iraq were justified because the dam's failure could trigger a humanitarian disaster.

A Pentagon spokesman, Col. Steve Warren, said Monday the U.S. had no indication of the dam's imminent failure, but the airstrikes were part of a broader U.S. mission to help protect Iraq's critical infrastructure. The dam was captured by the Islamic State group earlier this month.


Jeremiah prophesied that the "sea" -- a euphemism for the Euphrates River -- would send its "tumultuous waves" over the cities of the land of Babylon in a cataclysmic disaster as one of the nine judgments on the land of the Chaldeans.  This devastating flood event would be followed by a "drought on (Babylon's) waters" so that they would be "dried up", making the land completely uninhabitable and desolate.

Perhaps the events today are a harbinger for that coming disaster. But first, the cities must burn, the nation abandoned by the occupying reconstructionists as an announced dismal failure, and then a war between the Chaldeans and the Medes, today's Iraqis and Kurds of Kurdistan.

Following a defeat at the the hands of the Kurds, and subsequent plundering of its treasures, Babylon will then suffer the flood, and the drought, leading to utter desolation, a horror among the nations.

Is the fear that the dams could be sabotaged a sign that just such a disaster could really happen? Could Jeremiah's flood be fulfilled in our time?



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