Monday, September 15, 2014

"Iraq has proven to be all but unfixable"

A regional threat.
I really like the way Michael Totten writes. He is so prophetic. In his latest article on the ISIS crisis for the New York Daily News, published Sept. 14, 2014, he wrote: "Iraq has proven to be all but unfixable..."

My other favorite prophet, Jeremiah, wrote 2,600 years ago: "Babylon has fallen and been broken; wail over her! Bring balm for her pain; perhaps she may be healed. 'We applied healing to Babylon, but she was not healed. Forsake her and let us each go to his own country, for her judgment has reached to heaven and towers up to the very skies,'" (Jer 51:8-9).

Totten recognizes the possibility of failure: "Supporters of deeper U.S. engagement must acknowledge that American efforts could easily fail." Different words, but same message given by Jeremiah so long ago.

"The entire Middle East has been a disaster for thousands of years..." writes Totten.

Writes Jeremiah: "Babylon will become a heap of ruins, a haunt of jackals, and object of horror and hissing, without inhabitants... Her cities have become an object of horror, a parched land and a desert, a land in which no man lives and through which no son of man passes..."

In other words, a disaster.



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