Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Obama sending 350 more military personnel to Iraq

An article at from  Sep 2, 2014, dateline  WASHINGTON, reports that U.S. president Barack Obama is sending 350 more military personnel to Iraq, presumably to help protect U.S. facilities and already deployed personnel in Baghdad, citing a White House release Tuesday night.

The White House claimed the additional deployment will "provide a more robust, sustainable security force for our personnel and facilities in Baghdad."

This brings the number of troops recently sent to Iraq to 820, in addition to the diplomatic security forces already in place, according to Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby.


Jeremiah's prophecy foresee's the occupying invaders abandoning the nation of the Chaldeans in frustration after having "broken" her, attempting to "heal" her, but then giving up and announcing a withdrawal, "each to his own country," following an outbreak of fires in the "cities" and all her "environs" which cause the nations to become "exhausted" with their reconstruction efforts, leaving the land of Babylon to her "judgment."

After the troop withdrawal of 2011, it seemed this part of the prophecy would no longer be possible, as the foreign presence of the invaders was only diplomatic, security and private contractors. But now the U.S. has returned troops to the land, in an attempt to keep the nation sovereign and secure, putting back into place a presence that can be withdrawn -- "forsake her, each to his own country" -- in fulfillment of the Jeremiah prophecy.

Will the fires break out, and the leaders of the foreign forces within Iraq announce they are abandoning her out of frustration at the inability to heal her? Will the next two judgments -- fire and abandonment -- be coming soon?

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