Friday, August 22, 2014

Militants kill at least 46 in Iraq mosque

An Associated Press article at published August 22, 2014 from Baghdad reported that militants killed at least 46 people and wounded over 50 at a Sunni mosque in Imam Wais village in Diyala province, about 75 miles northeast of Baghdad on Friday.

The report claims a suicide bomber rushed into the mosque during weekly prayers and detonated his explosives before gunmen rushed in and began shooting worshippers.


Jeremiah the prophet decreed that the cities of Babylon would be set on fire as one of the judgments of doom on the land. Will these latest attacks by the Islamic State jihadists light those fires?

Invasion, capture, execution. Those have happened in sequence. Burning and announced abandonment in failure at reconstruction comes next.

Are we on the verge of Babylon burning?



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