Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mosul "purged of Christians"

An article by Benjamin Hall at from August 19, 2014 describes the escape of thousands of Christians from Mosul and Qaraqosh in northern Iraq after Islamic State jihadists overran those towns and demanded Christians "convert to Islam or die."

74-year-old Munira Aziz, her hip broken and her voice a raspy whisper, described the attack on her home in Mosul: "We heard the gunshots outside our door, and knew the terrorists were killing Christians... We cowered inside for two days, then knew we had to leave."

Hall recites how Mosul, a home to Christians for two millennia, has now been purged of them. Endless Islamic State shelling left their neighborhoods demolished.

Most Christian refugees escaped to Kurdistan, where they found safety in Erbil or Sulemaniya, but had little but their "lives and faith."

According to Hall, Iraqi Christians' hopes "now lie with the Kurdish Peshmerga" which is fighting the Islamic State jihadists.


Jeremiah's prophecy of doom on Babylon warns the people of God to "flee from the midst of Babylon" so as to escape the destruction and judgment coming upon her.  While the refugees may consider their flight to be a persecution upon them, from the prophecy's perspective, they have been saved from greater calamity, the destruction of the "land of the Chaldeans" through burning, abandonment, further war with the "Medes" (Kurds), a catastrophic flood event and resulting drought that leaves the entire land desolate and uninhabitable.

Kurdistan has become a safe haven for Christians, and the Kurds have become God's chosen war machine to bring upon the land of Babylon God's vengeance, according to the prophecy of Jeremiah. 



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