Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Syrian Kurds "most successful at fighting the Islamic State"

An Associated Press report published at abcnews.com Sep 15, 2014 by Bassem Mroue claims that "Kurdish fighters captured more than a dozen villages from militants of the Islamic State group in heavy fighting across northeastern Syria," according to a Kurdish official.

Mroue wrote that "Kurdish fighters have been repelling the advances of the Islamic State militants for more than a year in northern Syria." The author reports that "the battle-hardened Kurdish force, known by its acronym YPK, has been the most successful at fighting the Islamic State group, which has routed Iraqi and Syrian armed forces."


Jeremiah the hebrew prophet foresaw the rise of "the spirit of the kings of the Medes" so as to allow that people group to rise into a military power capable of attacking and defeating the armies of the "land of Babylon" -- modern-day Iraq.

The Medes are the modern-day Kurds, and Jeremiah saw three factions of Medes -- Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz -- aligning into a "great nation." Those ancient nations represent Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian/Turkish areas which were inhabited at one time by the ancient Medes, and which are today occupied by the Kurds, arguably the direct descendants of the Medes.

The Iranian and Iraqi Kurds have stopped fighting each other, and have joined in coalition to form the Kurdistan Regional Government, and rule three northern Iraqi provinces together, representing the Minni and Ashkenaz references. What has been missing from that coalition is the Syrian/Turkish faction of the Medes.

With the success of the Syrian Kurds in fighting the Islamic State, the stage is set for these western Kurds to one day join in some form of cooperation with the Kurds of the KRG. When that happens, the rise of the "spirit of the (three) kings of the Medes" will have been fulfilled.

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